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HomeNewsSlay Queen Eating Poo in Dubai for $50K Goes Viral

Slay Queen Eating Poo in Dubai for $50K Goes Viral


An alleged video of a slay queen eating poo has gone viral on social media.

Twitter has been buzzing following the video that is alleged to have been from Dubai.

In the video a woman is seen opening her mouth to receive poo from a man who is believed to be rich.

The Porta Potty video has left many disgusted as the woman opens her mouth to receive excretion droppings from a man.


It is reported that women are oftenly offered huge amounts of money in that country in order to do unusual s_ex exchanges with rich men.

A Porta Potty sleeps and eats poo of men who releave themselves on their body and mouth.

It is reported that women from West Africa travel to certain countries to engage in such activities. Its a fantasy or fettish which is done by rich men from certain countries.