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Daily News Egypt and Telesur Announce Landmark Media Partnership – Dailynewsegypt

Daily News Egypt, Egypt’s leading English-language newspaper, and Telesur (Nueva Televisión del Sur), the Latin American television network, today announced a groundbreaking media partnership aimed at fostering cross-continental news exchange and collaboration.

The landmark agreement, formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), outlines a comprehensive framework for the reciprocal exchange and broadcast of television programs, the sharing of news content, and mutual access to media resources. The partnership aims to enrich the news landscapes of both regions by providing diverse perspectives and in-depth coverage of global events.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering comprehensive and diverse news coverage to our audience,” said Mohamed Samir, Executive Editor of Daily News Egypt. “By collaborating with Telesur, we are not only expanding our reach but also forging a bridge between the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and Latin America, two regions with rich histories and interconnected futures.”

Patricia Villegas Marín, President of Telesur, stated “We are excited to join forces with Daily News Egypt in this endeavour. This partnership represents a unique opportunity to amplify the voices of the Global South and provide a platform for cross-cultural understanding. By sharing our respective expertise and resources, we are confident that we can deliver impactful and informative content to our viewers across the globe.”

Daily News Egypt, Telesur to collaborate on joint production

Under the terms of the MOU, Daily News Egypt will have access to Telesur’s extensive library of audiovisual material, including press releases, videos, interviews, documentaries, and other news content. In turn, Telesur will be able to utilise news content and programs produced by Daily News Egypt, further diversifying its programming and expanding its global reach.

The partnership also includes provisions for collaboration on live broadcasts, joint production of news segments, and the exchange of journalistic expertise. Both organisations are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and maintaining the editorial independence of their respective platforms.

This historic partnership between Daily News Egypt and Telesur is expected to set a new precedent for media collaboration across continents, fostering greater understanding and cooperation between the Middle East & North Africa and Latin America. Daily News Egypt is a partner of TV BRICS and Xinhua News Agency.