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Your Body, Our Voice Twitch Raid Train Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Your Body, Our Voice Twitch Raid Train Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Federation of America 

@MyNamIsNAIAD & @djmablemusic are hosting a 3-day raid train exceeding fundraising goals 

The Your Body, Our Voice Fundraiser organized and hosted  by NAIAD + Mable, has exceeded their $1500 fundraising goals by more than 16x reaching over $27,000 in donations entering into the final 24hrs. This event was born out of the wake of the Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and rapidly grew with support where it became a 3-day Twitch event with 28 artists participating in the 72 hour raid train. The event has held a steady 200-300 in viewership over the last day and half and hitting highs of over 700. 


Your Body, Our Voice is fundraising for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “We chose Planned Parenthood as the cause because they help people from every gender with reproductive rights. It’s an organization that is dedicated to education and support without bias to anyone who needs it. They go beyond beyond providing abortion services and also provide emergency contraception, birth control, HIV services, transgender hormone therapy, pregnancy support, STD testing and treatment, vaccines, and other general health services. This movement, made possible by all of these incredible musicians, is about having bodily autonomy and the right to reproductive healthcare no matter what your gender is, what your race and ethnicity is, what religion you practice, or where you live. It’s about continuing to value each other and provide love, compassion, and support to our fellow human beings. We hope that we can use our voices to help you retain the rights to your bodies. Your Body, Our Voice.” (NAIAD, DJ/Producer, Twitch Streamer, Event Host & Organizer). 


@MyNameIsNAIAD and @djmablemusic posted on instagram: 


While we can’t speak for every streamer on the train – everyone has their own motivations for supporting this cause – we (NAIAD and Mable) believe all people with a uterus deserve access to a safe abortion and healthcare. We also believe this cruel ruling will not stop abortions, just make it that much more difficult for someone already making a very difficult decision to obtain a safe one. This is even more dangerous for marginalized, less privileged communities. We believe that everyone has the right to safe reproductive healthcare and autonomy over their own bodies and medical decisions.


It’s our honor to share a lineup with this diverse group of streamers and call the train “Your Body, Our Voice” because it isn’t just those with a uterus joining us in this battle cry.


We can barely put into words how grateful we are for the support we’ve received before the train’s even left the station. To those speaking up in public spaces — we know it isn’t easy and we appreciate you more than you know. We want to give an extra thank you to @sjohnson042 for creating an information sheet for streamers to share, for the bug (animated graphic), and @djpiraterabbits for a number of things from fundraiser to moderation assistance.


The event started at 2am on Thursday, June 30th and has nonstop programming until 2am Monday, July 3rd (all times in PST). The talent is patching in from around the globe using the streaming platform Twitch.TV in a raid train style –  where each DJ/Producer brings all of the listeners along to the next acts channel for nonstop music. 


Donations are being collected on the tiltify platform 

hosting the raid train 


Please contact Kessa Pellum, 916-716-8755 for any additional press inquiries. 


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