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World’s first meat-free app launched in Dubai

DUBAI: Yalla Veggie, the world’s first meat-free app aggregator launched in Dubai aimed at reducing meat consumption habits to create a positive impact on carbon emissions on our planet. Yalla Veggie wants to make plant-based options in Dubai easily accessible while providing the best UX experience and creating an active community of meat-free consumers. 

It is a plant-based startup, created from a sustainability perspective, and is staffed by vegans and vegetarians. Yalla Veggie offers a selection of sustainable and green restaurants, supermarkets, organic stores, bakeries, florists, and ethical startups, all under one stop App. 

Yalla Veggie is launching the app with more than 50 businesses and 50k+ products/SKU, and brands like Papa John’s, Just vegan, Organic Foods and Cafe, union coop, and Lifco to name a few already live on the app. 

Apart from having the city’s best selection of meat-free products, Yalla veggie is Dubai’s single platform that hopes to bring the now scattered community of plant-based mindsets together and engage. With the help of a plant-based community, Yalla Veggie aims to grow to include members from around the world who are passionate about the meat-free lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable way of living. Yalla Veggie stands for equality, universal peace, love, and unity for all beings–both humans and animals.

Gavin England, CEO and Co-founder of Yalla Veggie App says, ” We believe the days of animal farming are numbered. Regardless of the health deficiencies linked with meat consumption, the impact it has on our planet has now led us to a crisis point. Yalla Veggie is proud to be assisting in the fight against climate change by making tasty meat alternatives more accessible for all, in the U.A.E and beyond”.

While Gavin and his business partner and Co-Founder of Yalla Veggie, Aarohi Surya are both committed to meat-free living, each has their unique reason for choosing a plant-based diet. Aarohi chose to become a vegan three years ago after learning about the mistreatment of factory-farmed animals and her business partner opted to quit meat after realizing the significant health benefits of adopting a meat-free diet. Both consider themselves to be “foodies” with a passion for exploring new cuisines in common, which makes curating products and vendors for listing at Yalla Veggie second nature to them.

Mohammed, Yalla Veggie’s CTO, said the app ‘will change the way residents of Dubai order food and live’. He added:  “By featuring vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafes, and top supermarkets, we ensure customers won’t be limited to just chips and a salad but a variety of delicious healthy dishes to choose from. 

“Yalla Veggie app takes you on a journey from the moment you open the app, all the way through to the first bite of your meal. We offer a memorable experience that will have you looking forward to your next order.”

Having realized the same tremendous frustration with grocery shopping felt by most Dubai vegetarians, and vegans, Yalla Veggie was born to make the meat-free shopping experience far easier and more convenient. By providing access to a wide selection of meat-free brands in one online location, Yalla Veggie App aims to save consumers time and alleviates frustration.

Yalla Veggie also offers valuable opportunities for sustainable green e-commerce and HORECA to gain exposure through a full-stack marketing solution called Yalla Veggie LIVE. Yalla Veggie LIVE is a content platform to promote cruelty-free businesses in Dubai and beyond. Yalla Veggie partners enjoy the benefits of a hassle-free listing on Yalla Veggie, with access to several feature upgrades created to optimize their business page and online presence. While the App features big sustainable brands, it shines a spotlight on small to medium businesses and aims to bring them more revenue in the burgeoning Proveg economy.

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