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World’s first AC helmet launched in Dubai

The world’s first AC safety helmet, designed and manufactured by India’s award-winning tech and safety start-up Jarsh Safety for the outdoor workforce and field executives is now available in the UAE market.

Kaustub Kaundinya, the CEO ofJarsh Safety, said, “The Jarsh-NIA AC Safety Helmet is currently a game-changer for the construction and outdoor workforce, especially in an area that experiences extreme working conditions during the summer months. This helmet is not only for labour and factories, but in the countries where the temperature reaches 50 degrees in summer, this helmet technology could be a part of the lifestyle in the coming times by changing the design and style during the summer. “

“We started our journey from a garage office and over the years, have brought smiles to thousands of workers across India. JARSH safety is now going global, and we strongly believe that the joint NIA-JARSH mission can help ease working conditions for the workforce around the world”.

In the first phase, the company has made industrial helmets with Air conditioning in four different designs and compatibility of users, which have got all the certificates of safety standards as per the Middle East and European Standard. All the research and development and production of this helmet have been done in India only.

NIA Limited is responsible for the distribution and marketing of this helmet in the Gulf countries. Kamran Birjees Khan, Chief Executive Officer, NIA Limited, said, “This product is in line with international and UAE government standards. It will be a game-changing and an example of comfort gear in the UAE manpower industry. The world’s first AC Safety Helmet is designed to keep industrial, construction, and other outdoor workforce and executives comfortable in high-temperature environments.”