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What was Mohammed bin Rashid doing in Dubai? .. Khalfan tweets a picture comparing the city in 1980

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan, Deputy Chief of Dubai Police, published a picture of Dubai in 1980 and compared it to what the city looks like now in 2022.

This came in a tweet from Khalfan on his official Twitter page, where he commented: “For our young people to know what Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid did in Dubai, just let him see the story of this picture.

An image that compares Dubai to what it was like in 1980 and now. Khalfan: So our young people know what Mohammed bin Rashid has done
Archive photo from the Creek area of ​​Dubai in 1978, plain textCredit: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

It is noteworthy that the UAE Cabinet approved the budget for the years 2022-2026, while allocating the bulk of next year’s budget spending to the development sector and social services to raise living standards in the country.

In a statement to the Emirates News Agency, the government agreed to approve the budget for the years 2022-2026 with a total of 290 billion dirhams ($ 78.96 billion).

While the federal government in the budget for 2022 specified expenditures of approximately 59 billion dirhams, with development and social benefits making up the largest share of 41.2%, while the other shares are distributed as follows:

The education sector with a percentage of 16.3 per cent.

Social Affairs by 6%.

The health is 8.4%.

Pensions of 8.2%

-Other services, not specified in the inventory, by 2.6%

Infrastructure and financial resources by 3.8%