Watch Bai Kamara Jr video filmed in Freetown

The music video, produced by Renata Kamara, premiered on YouTube last week and is titled ‘Can’t Wait Here Too Long’. It is a single off the artist’s upcoming album Salone, which is slated for release in January 2020 via German record label Moosicus.

The famous Bottom Mango roundabout is the central setting for the blues composition and video, with Bai Kamara Jr telling his story in the rain, walking around town and talking about the challenges of humanity and the crossroads it finds itself at.

The wailing underground echo in the song is of remarkable note, producing a sound from deep inside while showing day-to-day activities and giving the viewer a sneak peek into Freetown.

Bai Kamara Jr’s style of music is a mix of soul, blues and Afro-rock combined with powerful vocals that are sobering and intimate.

The artists grew up in the UK and has lived in Brussels for about 25 years. He has shared the stage with international artists such as Habib Koité, Cassandra Wilson, Rokia Traoré and has sung with Dani Klein from Vaya Con Dios.

“Although I was born in Sierra Leone, I have never played or made music in Africa,” Bai Kamara Jr says. “My first steps into the world of music were made while at school in England. As a professional musician, it was Belgium that gave birth to me. Though I was predestined to live my childhood, adolescence and adult life between the continents of Africa and Europe, the rhythms and sounds of Africa have always lived in me.”