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HomeNewsVisitors blown away by Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival’s first-ever ice-skating show

Visitors blown away by Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival’s first-ever ice-skating show

Titled ‘The Mystical Garden’ a series of stimulating stage performances and live shows
will continue to regale visitors until May 22 in Expo Centre Sharjah

Watch expert skaters’ dance and twirl gracefully on ice at ‘The Mystical Garden’ – the first-ever ice-skating show brought to the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF), whose 13th annual edition is taking place in Expo Centre Sharjah.

With a storyline crafted specifically for today’s gadget-dependent generation, ‘The Mystical Garden’ takes the audience on a musical journey of self-discovery with protagonist Luna, a young girl who comes to visit her grand-parents and realises there is no telecom network in their house.

Her only connection with the outside world is through a shelf filled with books. Even as Luna wonders how people can bear to read books as “all of them seem so boring,” her curiosity compels her to reach out for the one titled The Mystical Garden. Soon she realises the magic of reading books lies in unleashing the imagination of the reader. Luna then watches in amazement as this garden literally comes to life around her.

Representing the power of a child’s imagination through magical-realism, the message of the show is simply, “Read books,” says Ali El Bourgi, Producer, The Mystical Garden, “because, if you are interested in gaming, there is a book for gaming, if you are interested in fashion, you have a book for fashion. So, discover yourself through books because you never know, maybe you will find your future and what you like in books.”

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