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Visa Canada Morocco: New Era of Travel – The Maghreb Times !


The recent admission of Morocco to the Visa Canada Morocco exemption program marks a decisive turning point in bilateral relations. It opens new doors to Moroccan citizens wishing to travel. This facilitation of travel is not only an advance in mobility. It also reflects mutual recognition and deepened trust between the two nations.

Introduction to the Visa Waiver Program

The recent inclusion of Morocco in Canada’s visa waiver program symbolizes a major turning point. It considerably facilitates travel for Moroccans to Canada, providing a valuable opportunity for cultural and economic exchanges.

Morocco Joins Canada’s Visa Waiver Program

Canada officially included Morocco in the Canadian Visa Waiver Program in February 2024. This announcement was warmly received by citizens of both countries. This integration marks an important development in Morocco-Canada relations. It reflects mutual trust and the stable and secure status of the Shereef Kingdom on the international scene. The main benefits of this development include:

A significant simplification of travel procedures for Moroccan nationals.

Strengthening tourism and business exchanges.

Better cultural understanding between the people of the two nations.

Conditions and Procedures to Benefit from the Exemption

To benefit from the visa waiver, Moroccan citizens must meet certain clear conditions and follow defined procedures:

Possession of a valid passport: Any traveler wishing to benefit from the exemption must hold a valid Moroccan passport.

Obtaining the eTA: Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is required for all flights to Canada. This authorization costs CAN$7 and can be requested online via the official Canadian government website.

Prerequisites: The traveler must have obtained a Canadian visa within the last ten years or possess a valid US non-immigrant visa.

Implications and Benefits for Moroccan Travelers

The integration of Morocco into the visa waiver program for Canada significantly transforms access to Canadian territory. This represents an important step in simplifying administrative procedures and encouraging interactions between the two countries.

The Process of Obtaining the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

To travel to Canada under the new regime, Moroccan citizens must obtain an eTA. Here are the key steps for obtaining this authorization:

Access the official website: Visit to access the eTA application form.

Fill out the form: Complete the required information, such as passport details and personal information.

Pay the fee: A payment of CAN$ 7 is required to process the application.

Wait for approval: Most requests are approved within minutes, although some cases may require additional review.

Impact on Tourism and Bilateral Relations

The visa waiver between Morocco and Canada is likely to have a profound impact on tourism and bilateral relations:

Increased travel: Ease of access is likely to encourage more Moroccans to visit Canada, whether for tourism, business or study.

Strengthening cultural ties: With more frequent exchanges, opportunities for cultural and educational collaborations are also amplified.

Economic Growth: The increased flow of visitors can contribute to economic growth in the tourism and hospitality sectors in both countries.

These combined effects demonstrate the significant scope of the Canada-Morocco visa waiver, not only for individual travelers but also in the broader context of international relations and economic development.