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HomeAfricaUzbekistan’s tourism industry records 40.7% growth with 1.3 mn visitors in 1Q24

Uzbekistan’s tourism industry records 40.7% growth with 1.3 mn visitors in 1Q24

Approximately 1.3 mn Uzbek citizens travelled abroad for tourism purposes in 1Q24, marking a substantial increase compared to the same period last year. This surge represents a 40.7% rise, with 365,600 more people exploring international destinations, the State Statistics Agency reports.

Photo: Tourists
Source: Daryo

Among the top destinations for Uzbek tourists were the Kyrgyz Republic, with 559,100 visitors, followed by Tajikistan with 260,800 visitors, and Kazakhstan with 184,100 visitors. Other popular destinations included Saudi Arabia, Russia, the UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt, Thailand, and various other countries, totalling 37,100 visitors. 

Uzbekistan set a goal of attracting 10 mn tourists annually and has already made significant strides in this direction by securing $1 bn in investments by October 2023. These investments are intended to enhance tourism infrastructure and services, positioning Uzbekistan as a leading destination for both business and leisure travellers.

Earlier, Daryo reported that Uzbekistan experienced a rise in foreign visitors for business purposes in 2M24, with 16,900 international guests. This marks a substantial increase from the same period last year, with 11,500 more individuals or a 3-fold rise, according to the State Statistics Agency.

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