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Uzbekistan receives sixth batch of anti-hepatitis C drugs from Egypt

The sixth batch of anti-hepatitis C drugs comprising 6,720 pieces of “Sofosbuvir-400” was delivered from Egypt to Uzbekistan on February 25, Dunyo reports.

Packages of drugs arriving in Tashkent.
Source: Dunyo

The Virology Research Institute under the Ministry of Health will oversee the distribution of the newly arrived drugs to patients in need. These medications play a crucial role in providing effective treatment and improving the health outcomes of individuals affected by hepatitis C.

Cost-Effective Agreement

An agreement has been reached between Uzbekistan and Egypt for the provision of 800,000 units of Daclatasvir and Sofosbuvir against Hepatitis C, as well as Entecavir against Hepatitis B, until 2025. This agreement, with a total cost of $4.2mn, builds upon previous efforts to secure vital medications for hepatitis treatment.

Experts estimate that each patient requires three packs of Daklatasvir and three packs of Sofosbuvir for a full three-month course of treatment. While the average price for this course of treatment in Egypt is $31, it has been estimated at $100 in Uzbekistan until this year. The provision of 800,000 pieces of medicine from Egypt will benefit approximately 133,000 patients, resulting in substantial cost savings for Uzbekistan’s healthcare system.

Expanded Screening Efforts

The funds saved from procuring medications at lower costs are expected to be redirected towards expanding population screening for hepatitis. This initiative aims to increase screening from the current 10,000 to 1mn individuals, enabling the identification of viruses and facilitating the eradication of the disease.

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