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Unilever hosts an exclusive preview of a documentary film in Dubai

‘Going Circular’ explores the concept of ‘Circularity’ – a system of economics and design that eliminates waste and saves the planet’s resources – through deeply personal transformations of four visionaries profiled in the documentary.

Dubai, UAE: 07 June 2022: Commemorating World Environment Day, Unilever, in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, the UAE Ministry of Economy and Emirates Nature–WWF (World Wildlife Fund), hosted a private screening of the new environmental documentary ‘Going Circular’.

Attended by environmental advocates, youth boards, industry partners and members of the local press, ‘Going Circular’ the new documentary by the Oscar-winning producers of ‘My Octopus Teacher’ revolves around the concept of circularity – a system of economics and design that eliminates waste and saves the planet’s resources by utilising solutions inspired by nature.

In line with the UAE National Climate Change Plan 2017-2050, the implementation of a circular economy in certain identified sectors is a key agenda for the UAE given its linkage to lowering material and resource consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Transitioning to a circular economy can help mitigate carbon dioxide emissions that emerge from extractive industries, manufacturing, construction, transportation and other sectors. 

As part of the screening, a panel of speakers addressed the current environmental concerns in the UAE as well as the country’s ambitions to create a circular economy, while discussing the importance of the film’s narrative.

‘Going Circular’ features four visionaries from around the world – 102-year-old inventor Dr. James Lovelock; Biomimicry biologist Janine Benyus; Designer Arthur Huang; and financier John Fullerton – who have navigated the environmental, economic and social crises of our time and discovered that the solutions for creating a circular economy that has already been perfected in nature itself.

Khalil Yassine, Head of Unilever & Customer Development Arabia commented, “As an organisation, we pride ourselves on being not just purpose-led but also future-fit. We believe that being a responsible, sustainable business makes us a stronger, better business. This documentary perfectly captures the importance of being mindful of the Earth’s deteriorating resources and how sustainability makes sense for both the environment as well as businesses. Circularity is therefore an integral part of Unilever’s sustainability objectives, which is why we are committed to keeping our packaging waste out of the environment and within the circular loop. We are additionally reducing the consumption of plastics in our packaging, utilising more recycled plastics and ensuring zero non-hazardous waste in our operations.”

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