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UAE University, MBZUAI strengthen research ties

Abu Dhabi / WAM

A delegation from UAE University (UAEU) was welcomed at Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) by Professor Fakhri Karray, Provost of MBZUAI, and Sultan Al Hajji, Vice President for Public Affairs and Alumni Relations.
Professor Ahmed Ali Murad, the Associate Provost for Research, who was also in attendance, highlighted that the visit aimed to strengthen research ties and develop world-class academic talent and expertise.
He continued by underlining its alignment to UAEU’s ongoing efforts to extend its collaboration with UAE-based academic institutions to help meeting the strategic goals and priorities of both institutions. He stressed that the partnership aims to provide national cadres with the most advanced educational tools, catering to the UAE’s development requirements in various fields.
“Collaborating with MBZUAI supports our wise leaders ongoing efforts to achieve the highest educational standards for future generations while developing the appropriate skills for researchers and innovators graduating from these two institutions. This will help UAEU and MBZUAI to be at the forefront of the best academic institutions and contribute to the UAE’s government’s 50-year vision,” added Murad.
Al Hajji continued by highlighting that collaborating with institutions on research supports the UAE’s efforts to become a leading education hub by fostering knowledge, research, creativity, and innovation. This will involve many research centers, particularly as MBZUAI is a graduate-level research-based university offering specialised degree programmes. Such programmes are essential to further develop the UAE’s education sector and meet society’s
future needs.
The university offers six graduate programmes, including three master’s programmes and three PhD programmes in computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing. Attracting a large number of students, MBZUAI confirmed that the number of enrolled students reached 133 from about 40 countries, with Emirati students making up 13% of the total.
The university provides continuous support to its students during their academic and career journeys, offering them a world-class educational environment and an interactive platform that enables them to engage with leading institutions from various sectors. This allows them to secure unique job opportunities in the UAE, helping to achieve the UAE’s ambitious strategic vision set by its wise leadership.
The two institutions discussed joint programmes and means of cooperation that will contribute to activating the partnership during the next phase.