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HomeNewsUAE announces new cases of “monkey cups”

UAE announces new cases of “monkey cups”

On Sunday, the United Arab Emirates announced the registration of 3 new cases of “monkey pox” in the country, according to what was published by the “WAM” agency.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection did not disclose other details about patients’ identities or the circumstances of the infection, but said monkey pox is a contagious viral disease, but its ways of spreading are limited compared to the “Covid-19” virus.

According to “WAM”, the most prominent ways to transmit infection from one person to another are through contact with body fluids and respiratory droplets, contact with skin lesions of an infected person and surfaces contaminated with infected fluids or through the placenta from pregnant mother to her fetus.

Last Tuesday, the United Arab Emirates announced the monitoring of the first case of the monkey pox virus, days after news circulated about its occurrence in several countries around the world.

According to what was reported by WAM, the case belongs to a 29-year-old woman who visited the country from West Africa and she is currently receiving the necessary medical care.

The health authorities of the Emirates adopt a comprehensive guide to the management of infected humans and monkey contact, which includes complete isolation of the infected in hospitals until they recover and quarantine in close contact for a period of not less than 21 days at home, and monitor their state of health while ensuring their commitment to the home stone.