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TV BRICS media support helps to attract representatives of China, South Africa, Egypt and Cuba to participate in the Expert of the Year award | TV BRICS, 21.02.24

Over 2,000 applications from 30 regions of Russia and four foreign countries were submitted for participation in the 13th Expert of the Year Award. In the 2023-2024 season, the award will receive international status. On the initiative of TV BRICS, two new nominations have been established: International Media and International Projects. The first category is open to media outlets that shape the information landscape of their countries, as well as editorial projects devoted to important topics, including interaction with Russia. The “International Projects” showcases individuals and expert groups that have implemented breakthrough ideas that have influenced the development of an industry or a company’s position on the international market. Thus, for the first time, applications from China, South Africa, Egypt and Cuba have been submitted for the Expert of the Year award.

“Years of co-operation with the media of the BRICS+ countries have shown how important it is to develop international communications, facilitate communication between editorial boards and share information, which is why TV BRICS proposed to expand the range of the Expert of the Year award with a new category “International Media”. The second nomination “International Projects” is designed to highlight initiatives that unite countries in the most important issues: education, culture, youth policy, ecology, industry, agriculture. It is also a kind of invitation to Russian partners to cooperate more closely with the international community. We hope that nominees from different countries will be able to establish contacts and, perhaps, organise joint projects in the future. The participation of foreign specialists will make the Expert of the Year award even more prestigious and interesting”

Janna Tolstikova CEO of TV BRICS

Last season, Janna Tolstikova and her team won the Expert of the Year award in the Media category and joined the Expert Council of the award, which is headed by Mikhail Piotrovsky, Director of the State Hermitage Museum, President of the World Club of Petersburgers, Dean of St. Petersburg State University, President of the Union of Museums of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“It is a great honour for me to chair the Prize’s Expert Council. The word ‘expert’ is very important and in our case has several meanings at once. Firstly, Expert is a magazine, one of the most solid and serious. Secondly, these are the jury members who evaluate the works. And finally, experts are those who win the award. An expert is first of all experience, which gives people the right to judge. This is where the experts choose the experts. We have become convinced over many years that the Expert of the Year award is given to worthy people – worthy not only by titles, but also by the sometimes quiet work they do, and do well. We, the jury, try to find such people, and my experience as the head of the jury for many years shows that we succeed. This may be the most important thing in the life of the country – to have as many real professionals as possible,” emphasised Mikhail Piotrovsky.

The Expert Council will determine the winners of the “Expert of the Year – 2024” award in 22 nominations. The winners will be representatives of industry, financial sector, energy, transport, IT, construction, ecology, science and education, healthcare, culture, media communications, sports, tourism, state and municipal administration, as well as mentors and authors of public and charitable projects. The awards ceremony for the Expert of the Year 2024 will be held in May in Moscow.

“Expert of the Year” is an award for people who have been able to introduce breakthrough ideas, technologies and developments in the real sector of the economy. It is probably the only award in Russia that is given not only to top executives of companies, but also to specialists who are completely non-public, but are widely known in professional circles. We recognise those who have been working effectively in their respective industries for many years: launching spacecraft, inventing medicines of the future, increasing the production potential of the state, and creating the cultural code of the nation. Interdisciplinary projects that have influenced the country’s scientific and technological progress and regional development deserve special attention. Thanks to our co-operation with TV BRICS, the Expert of the Year Award has reached an international level: we are already being talked about in Chinese, English and Portuguese. We hope that cooperation with TV BRICS will open a new opportunity for the laureates to have a dialogue with the international community and become a starting point for future achievements,” said Kristina Muravyeva, Managing Partner and General Director of the Expert analytical centre, Associate Professor at MSIC, member of the Russian Public Organization and the Public Council of the Russian Federation under Rosstandart for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

The Expert of the Year Award has been presented since 2010. It is organised by the
Expert think tank with the support of the State Hermitage Museum and the World Club of Petersburgers. The international media partner of the award is TV BRICS. Over the years, more than six thousand nominees from all over Russia have claimed to win the Expert of the Year award, and 720 people have received awards.

official website of the “Expert of the Year” award