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HomeNewsTurkish Village brings Turkey’s famed Antephan Künefe to Dubai

Turkish Village brings Turkey’s famed Antephan Künefe to Dubai

Guests to Turkish Village can now enjoy award-winning Antephan Künefe for the first time in the UAE in a fun interactive experience 

Homegrown Dubai restaurant, Turkish Village has revealed its partnership with renowned Turkish-born künefe brand, Antephan Künefe.  

Representing a first in the UAE, Turkish Village’s branches in Jumeirah 1 and Dubai Festival City Mall are now serving the award-winning künefe menu to its dine-in guests, as part of the restaurant’s all-new, revamped menu offering.  

Priding itself on serving wholesome Turkish cuisine in Dubai since 2013, Turkish Village’s partnership with Antephan Künefe strengthens the brand’s commitment to being an authentic Turkish restaurant in the city – serving cuisine that pays homage to the favourited classics found in Turkish, such as künefe – an age-old dessert-style dish loved in households across the country.  

The new künefe and katmir menu features 18 varieties for guests to choose from and each dish is prepared in-house by Turkish Village’s künefe experts at an open kitchen for a fun interactive experience where guests can see the künefe prepared firsthand step-by-step, using raw ingredients all imported from Turkey.  

Famed for its distinctive tasting künefe made in Gaziantep since 1984, Antephan Künefe products masterfully combine ingredients sourced from farmers and producers across Turkish, including many varieties of cheese, butter, milk, cream, and pistachios.  

On the new künefe menu at Turkish Village, guests can delight in options including künefe with cheese, cream, or banana, plus others like ‘kadayif with pistachio’, a special flavour consisting of Turkish butter, kadayif and sherbet, and the ‘green sultan’, which presents the wonderful taste of Gaziantep’s special sahan cream with specially crushed pistachio kernels. 

Other options include the ‘three in one’, which combines Gaziantep special pan cream, künefe cheese and pistachios, the ‘mosaic’ that consists of almond, walnut, hazelnut, pistachio, wire kadaif and sour cream or künefe cheese, and plenty more.  

All künefe from the new menu can be purchased per portion or for larger groups as a sharing-style experience that is served with fresh fruits, fresh milk and Turkish tea – just as is done in Turkey.  

The new künefe menu at Turkish Village can now be enjoyed at its branches in Jumeirah 1 (next to Spinneys and Jumeirah Grand Mosque), and Dubai Festival City Mall in Festival Bay overlooking the fountains, where the interiors tastefully recall the grandeur of Turkey’s magnificence and splendor to present a warm and engaging ambiance for the whole family.