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The next total solar eclipse won’t happen until 2026

I was unfortunately outside the path of totality when the April 2024 eclipse happened, but the small partial eclipse I did get to see was still beautiful. For those like me who missed totality this time around, catching the next total solar eclipse might not sound like a bad idea, except if you’re in the U.S., you’re going to need to travel to see it.

While the next Great American Solar eclipse isn’t expected to happen until the 2040s, those who want another chance at seeing totality will be pleased to know that parts of Greenland, Iceland, Russia, and even some of Portugal and Spain will get to see a total solar eclipse in August of 2026.

The next total solar eclipse is expected to peak on August 12, 2026, and you can go ahead and start booking your travel now if you don’t want to miss out on it. Having flown back in while people were flocking back through the DFW airport after this month’s eclipse, I can definitely say it will likely be very crowded in the path of totality come 2026.

If none of those destinations seem like a hit, you can also wait until 2027 for a chance at totality, as a total solar eclipse is expected to hit Egypt on August 2, 2027. That eclipse should pass right over the site of the great pyramids. And it will last more than six minutes, making it a prime opportunity to catch the eclipse at a great spot.

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But the next total solar eclipse isn’t the only thing that stargazers and skywatchers have to look forward to. A total lunar eclipse is also expected to hit the 48 lower states, including all of Hawaii and parts of Alaska, in 2025. Sure, it isn’t as spectacular as a total solar eclipse, but it won’t require any traveling to see this cosmic event.

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