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The Moroccan Hass avocado made its debut on the Georgian market, edging out the Turkish one in price!- East Fruit

According to EastFruit analysts, in March 2024, an noticeable event occurred in the Georgian avocado market – for the first time, the first ever direct shipment of Hass avocados from Morocco to Georgia was made. The variety and type of avocado delivered is still non-standard for the Georgian consumer, but this time it was available in large volume and at a very affordable price. This became possible thanks to the importer’s cooperation with the Carrefour supermarket chain, which offered Moroccan avocados at a retail price of about US $4.8 per kg.

According to international fruit and vegetable market expert Fedir Rybalko, this event was a real breakthrough for Georgia and attracted the attention of local consumers, because the standard retail price for avocados in this country ranges from $6.5 to $7 per kg and the price offered by Carrefour was very attractive. Turkish avocados are sold wholesale at the same price as Moroccan avocados were offered at retail.

It is also interesting to note that ripe avocados of the premium Hass variety were supplied from Morocco to Georgia and were sold cheaper than green Fuerte avocados from Turkey. Georgian consumers are not yet very sophisticated in avocados, so they mistakenly believe that the dark color of an avocado is a sign that it is overripe and can no longer be consumed. Thus, they continue to prefer the green, unripe fruits, which does not allow them to fully appreciate the taste of the avocados. However, thanks to new supplies from Morocco, this misconception may be overcome.

Let us recall that in May and August 2023, the first direct deliveries of avocados from Kenya were made to Georgia by Eximcrop company, which also allowed to reduce prices and attract consumer attention to this segment. We previously wrote about extremely rapid increase in imports of avocados to Georgia. In 2023, Georgia increased its avocado imports by 80%, and the import volume exceeded 1,500 tons for the first time. Against this background, local companies even tried to grow avocados in Georgia, but this turned out to be impossible due to the winter being too cold for this heat-loving crop.

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