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The International Berry Seminar in Tangier will boost a growing industry

«In this scenario, the holding of the XXXIII International Berry Seminar this September 11, in the premises of the Royal Tulip City Center Hotel in the city of Tangier, will not only be a great support for Moroccan producers and entrepreneurs, but also a great “an opportunity for the international industry to learn about the significant growth of Morocco and the high level of handling and management of its industry.”

Blueberry industry objectives

“The blueberry area in Morocco has grown by more than 1.000 hectares in the last season, approaching 5.300 hectares currently, although the industry’s objective is to reach 6.000 hectares planted with good varieties in the short term.” «In terms of production and export volumes of fresh blueberries to world markets, the Moroccan industry’s objective is to exceed 100.000 tons in this decade, which demonstrates not only its consolidation, but also the will to become a protagonist of the international market”.

XXVIII International Berries Seminar Morocco 2023.

«Tangier is one of the regions that will drive the country’s growth in the coming years. Today, the region contributes almost 10% of the kingdom’s total GDP, but due to its constant growth rate, this figure is expected to increase very quickly.

Favorable conditions

«In Morocco it is possible to produce blueberries for 10 months a year. In areas where there is no cold it occurs from September to April or May. It occurs on the plain and in areas near the sea, where there are not many hours of cold. “The ambitious objective of the Moroccan industry is to produce from April to August or September, and thus be able to have production during 52 weeks of the year.”

«On the other hand, Morocco is the door to Europe, Africa and Asia. The country has many free trade agreements (FTAs) for export with the main markets in Europe and the US, in addition to Turkey, Arab countries, those in the Mediterranean, such as Egypt and Tunisia, and with African countries, which facilitates marketing with all neighboring and distant countries. It has a long highway to Europe, in addition to having permanent air transport from Casablanca and a powerful maritime and port infrastructure in Tangier.

«In Moroccan blueberry farms there are practically all the new varieties in the world and they are cultivated with different management systems and technologies. It should be noted that, in addition to the privileged geographical location it has – which allows it to deliver its fruit in Europe in 4 days and 6 in Russia –, there is permanent support from the public and state apparatus, which translates into promotion, financial plans, infrastructure and market opening, among others. These advantages are added to the reasonable costs that producers have, the good level of their technicians and professionals and the young but experienced workforce in the country.

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