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The Central Bank of Egypt’s “Women for Women” Initiative: Defining True Empowerment

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Being a woman is not all smooth sailing. From lack of advancement opportunities to potential pay inequity, male-dominated fields, hostility, and the list just goes on endlessly. Finding support helps immensely, giving way to some grounds for hope. Recently, the Central Bank of Egypt’s FinTech showcased its support for women by launching its “Women for Women” initiative.

A little throwback to 2021 would take us to the birth of FinTech’s “Accelerate’ha” initiative, purporting to accelerate the development of FinTech solutions for women entrepreneurs. Now, fast forward to April 4th, 2024, it was announced that CBE’s FinTech Egypt launched the “Women for Women” initiative in March. With the much-needed aim of showing unwavering support and help to women entrepreneurs, the “Women for Women” initiative stands as a clear demonstration of greater diversity and opportunities for women in entrepreneurship.

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In this initiative, twelve startups, including Chefaa, Rahet Bally, Seafood Factory, and Beauty 911, have been chosen to participate, presenting their business ideas and proposals. Besides receiving extensive guidance and advice from prominent women leaders in the FinTech industry, the initiative provides the participants with training sessions and workshops, with the objective of teaching them all about FinTech, embedded finance, and so much more. Several workshops are also open to the public, where you can attend and learn all about FinTech from successful Egyptian women in the field.

A six-month initiative, the initiative serves as a perfect chance to give prominence to the selected startups. Acting as a gateway to the success of female entrepreneurs in such a male-dominated field, “Women for Women” is concrete proof that the C-suite is not strictly restricted or appointed for men.

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