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Telecom Egypt Conducts 1st Successful Call in North Africa Using “Open RAN” Technology | Sada Elbalad

Thu 29 Feb 2024 | 05:41 AM

Taarek Refaat

Telecom Egypt announced its success in conducting the first trial call with Open RAN technology in North Africa, on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

The call was made in cooperation with the Japanese company Rakuten Symphony, Cisco, and the global TIP initiative to develop communications infrastructure, representing a new historic achievement for Telecom Egypt.

This strong partnership between the three companies and the global TIP initiative has resulted in building an integrated cloud platform, and this leads to revealing the true potential of Open RAN technology in transforming wireless availability networks into fully open and interoperable networks.

Unlike traditional networks with closed intermediate entrances, Open RAN technology relies on software, and operates on cloud servers that are easily accessible. Network updates are also easily performed through software, ensuring continuous organization between various units and automatic control of wireless availability network systems Open RAN in all its parts.