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TakaHisa: The Best Japanese Restaurant in Dubai

Japanese chiefs are under years of training and practice before they are experts and achieve perfection. With new and innovative cuisine ideas which are healthy, Japanese cuisine is attracting more and more fans. They have a unique way of serving different types of dishes which are very unique. In Dubai, the demand for traditional Japanese cuisine like sushi has increased in recent times.

In the last few years, Japanese restaurants have been in growing popularity in Dubai. Thousands of miles away from the place of origin of sushi, Dubai offers an exceptionally similar taste to Japanese cuisines. The TakaHisa restaurant is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai that serves authentic Japanese food, ranking among one of the best restaurants in all of Dubai.

If you are looking for the best place that serves premium Japanese cuisines like authentic wagyu beef and the best and most authentic sushi in Dubai, then TakaHisa is the right place for you.TakaHisa, being one of the best Japanese restaurant in Dubai, brings the finest dining experiences of Japanese culture to Dubai. The founders of this restaurant are two chefs who have an excellent vision for the future and experience for more than 15 years. On a global scale, they are considered to be one of the best chefs. However, a major contributing factor to the success of the restaurant is one of its executive chefs, Hisao Ueda, who has recently received a Golden Visa from the government of UAE.

Hisao Ueda, master chef of TakaHisa, Dubai’s first and only Japanese restaurant, has been awarded the Golden Visa by the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. TakaHisa serves the most authentic sushi and wagyu beef in the world (ICA).

In terms of the authenticity of Japanese cuisine, TakHisa is the only Japanese restaurant in all of Dubai that has been visited by the Crown Prince of Dubai. They are so popular and famous that you need to make a booking in advance to get a table at the TakaHisa restaurant. There are various specials like the La Carte Special, or the Sushi and Kobe beef counter. It can be undoubtedly said that the TakaHisa is the best Japanese restaurant in all of UAE for the best and most authentic Japanese delicacies.

Every meal can also be customized by the people from a wide range of authentic Japanese dishes that are all a taste of magic, thanks to the talented executive chefs, with years of experience and skills polished with diamond. It is even a place that is ideal to hold occasions and social events, along with the mind-blowing quality of food that the restaurant offers. The aesthetic of this restaurant is absolutely brilliant to help you relax away from the chaotic world outside. The staff is so very professional, and yet, are warm with compassion and care.

TakaHisa is not here to be the best business in Dubai. It exists to serve the best Japanese delicacies to the entire world. That is exactly why they are the best in Dubai, and of the best in the world in terms of Japanese cuisines. TakaHisa brings an unforgettable taste of Japan to the heart of Dubai.