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Sierra Leone Advocates for Biometric National ID Card Uptake for Enhanced Security and Services

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The National Civil Registration Authority of Sierra Leone (NCRA) is encouraging citizens and residents to obtain the biometric national ID cards introduced in the country in early 2023.

X Infotech provides personalization for the cards, incorporating ICAO-compliant biometrics and public key infrastructure for secure data signing, as outlined in a case study by the company.

The campaign aims to bolster personal security for cardholders and facilitate their access to government and private sector services, according to a report by The Calabash, a local newspaper.

The government urges all citizens aged 12 and above to apply for the ID card at their nearest NCRA branches, with an expectation of increased registrations throughout 2024.

To enhance accessibility, designated centers and six specific offices have been established across the country. The NCRA emphasizes the civil responsibility of obtaining this highly secure and innovative ID card.

The embedded chip within the card carries the face biometric information of the holder, facilitating easy ID authentication. Additionally, the card features an 11-digit National Identification Number (NIN) serving as a unique identifier linked to the cardholder’s details in the national population registry.

Authorities state that the NIN will be a mandatory requirement for students in the primary education sector preparing for public examinations.

In an expansion of use cases, the NCRA mandates the biometric ID card for all checkpoints across the country for those traveling within Sierra Leone.

It is worth noting that Sierra Leoneans expressed dissatisfaction early last year when the government raised fees for obtaining ID cards and other identity credentials.

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