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“Sharjah Heritage” hosts “The Good News” in “West House”

Sharjah (union)

Today, Monday, the Sharjah Institute for Heritage hosted the event of the 15th edition of “The Good News” at the Center for Cultural Heritage Activities “The Western House”, under the slogan “Al-Farsad”, in the presence of children and young people from Al-Arqam Bin Al-Arqam Private School and Al-Asala Club of Sharjah Department of Social Services. And cultural heritage lovers. The program included various activities and programs, including an educational section on ways to grow berry seedlings, children’s color workshops, and workshops for making mulberry leaves, presented by Ms. Abeer, and a lecture entitled “Meteorology between science and heritage”, delivered by Ms. Fatima Al-Mughni, a social scientist and expert in folklore, and Ms. Mira Shuhail, from the Department of Health Education in the Supreme Council of Family Affairs.
The Sharjah Institute for Heritage will be hosting events in the coming days on this occasion in its various departments in the Central and Eastern Regions.
His Excellency Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Musallam, chairman of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, said: The institute is eager to organize and implement the “good news of the heat” every year to celebrate the coming of summer, accompanying the season. The event is reminiscent of the vocabulary of the Emirati nature to increase awareness of heritage and occupies an important place as it evokes memory in its various details.

  • part of the lecture
    part of the lecture

Dr. Al-Muslim clarified that “Al-Farsad” is a cranberry that comes in the form of long clusters of light green and pink color that are not small, semicircular clusters, including the color red. The persad tree begins to bear fruit in late April, and its fruits always come a little before summer, and it is evergreen.
Fatima Al-Mughni said: This year’s event came as a continuation of the institute’s journey in this regard, pointing out that the summer of the Emirates has its own significance in terms of good news, which is the good news that people learn about “warning”, explains , that the Al-Fursad tree is rich in its fruits and has many memories in the UAE farms. Today’s educational lecture came to mix health and heritage, a very beautiful and useful combination, and some of the participants talked about some beautiful memories with this tree.
As part of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage’s plan to celebrate the gospel of “Wake Up” in its departments, the public and cultural heritage lovers will be on date with various events in the city of Al Dhaid, Thursday, June 9 at. : 30 in the morning. and Khor Fakkan, Tuesday 14 June at 10.00, Kalba, Thursday 16 June at 10.00 and Dibba Al-Hisn, Wednesday 22 June at 10.00.
“Beshara Al-Qayz” began to spread attention since 2008, and it still continues as it reaches its 15th edition today, and each copy has a slogan and information.