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Sharjah Government Communication Award introduces 4 awards

Sharjah: “The Bay”

The Sharjah Government Communication Award, organized by the International Government Communication Center of the Sharjah Government Media Office, invited government, semi-state and private entities in the UAE and the Arab region to participate in the “Best Systems in Government Communication” category, which it introduced at its session. The ninth 2022, within the categories of “direct submission”, to keep pace with the demands and developments of the time, honor the efforts of local and regional institutions and support their performance and creativity, which contributes to the consolidation of communication with the target group.
4 prizes
The new category includes 4 awards, the reception of the participating files will continue until 11 July, and the category monitors in its general criteria the impact of the participating institutions’ communicative practices or activities and the clarity of plans, objectives and methods in terms of their initiatives nominated for the award, so they are dependent on the performance measurement tools, and they have a vision for the future that uses technology to develop the initiative.
The award focuses on evaluating the nominees on the effectiveness of the practices or training or awareness programs they have implemented, their role in serving the mass communication concepts throughout the year, the impact of effective communication for the nominating unit staff on the results and the institution’s output, and the adoption of communication methods that take into account individual differences.
practice sector
The award is given to four sectors that have achieved tangible results in their field. The first award is aimed at the practice sector and is awarded to an entity that has gained traction through effective practices and tools through which communication methods were adopted and contributed. to improve the image of the entity at local, regional or international level.
Candidates for this category are assessed on the basis of their success in formulating their goals and overall vision in a strategic framework that is in line with the institution’s objectives, so that the impact and results of the initiative are reflected in the work environment, technology and media utilized to serve. its goal with the development of a mechanism to implement the idea that accelerates the fulfillment of society’s needs.
The education and awareness sector
The second prize is awarded to the education and awareness sector, as it is given to an entity that contributes to education, awareness or academic activities in developing the effectiveness of its staff at the level of public communication and supporting the concept of effective communication with the public, media and digital platforms.
In assessing this category, the price depends on the extent to which there is an annual education, awareness or academic plan based on the needs of the institution in the public communications sector, provided that the positive impact of the education or information programs on staff. must be visible so that the means used by the institution to increase the awareness and efficiency of its staff are varied The level of public communication, especially digital, and emphasis on the extent to which top management supports these programs.
Service for people with disabilities and the elderly
As for the third and fourth prizes, they are linked to systems that serve people with disabilities and the elderly, as they are given to entities that deliver innovative ideas, initiatives and services based on government communication approaches, goals and strategies and help people with disabilities to to communicate efficiently and smoothly, whether as employees of institutions or as customers.
In its selection of the winning unit in these two awards, the jury bases itself on the extent to which the plan and strategy for constructive communication with people with disabilities is strengthened, innovation in presenting a new idea or service based on designing communication methods and methods that fit to their needs, in addition to adopting scalable mechanisms that benefit from modern technology, and the ability to measure the percentage of positive change to implement the idea on employees, customers with disabilities, and the elderly.
Participation mechanism and conditions
The award receives applications for candidacy via the website, provided that the file contains an introductory video of the initiative of no more than 5 minutes, in addition to a file explaining the general idea of ​​the initiative and includes the institution’s name and logo, report title and submission date. content page A summary of the initiative with an explanation of strategies, results, objectives and action plans according to the main themes identified for each category, in no more than 1,000 words, in Arabic for the categories Emirates and the Arab World.