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Rixos Premium Dubai inspiring positive change this World Environment Day

From protecting their employees’ health to protecting the planet, Rixos Premium Dubai gets creative with their sustainability initiatives.

Dubai, UAE : Rixos Premium Dubai is celebrating sustainable practices, dedicated to protecting our planet and raising awareness on World Environment Day. They continue to be at the forefront with their efforts to protect the environment and raise awareness via exciting ways, not just enlightening their staff and hotel guests, on the importance of being environmentally friendly.

Rixos Premium Dubai on June 5th wholeheartedly participated in making the world a greener place. To begin with, the team distributed succulent plants to each department to be placed in all offices. These plants, unlike other plants, continuously produce oxygen which freshens the air. Alongside conducting imaginative workshops that turned out to be huge success with an overwhelming turnout amongst staff members who felt it was of great benefit.

To ensure guests were also included in their efforts, staff at Rixos Premium Dubai distributed pencils that contained replantable seeds that can be sown into the ground after the full use of the pencils. These pencils were given to stress on the importance of sustainability and using renewable and reusable sources when possible.

The GM of Rixos Premium Dubai, Turgay Erdogan, commented on the initiatives saying, “We at Rixos Premium Dubai understand the importance of the environment for our sustained existence. We want to encourage our staff members and guests to be more conscious of how their actions can have a lasting impact on the well-being of the planet. While we as a hotel continue to take initiatives in the direction of leading by example given, we been certified ISO14001:2015 by the Environment Management System alongside successfully completing the ‘DTCM Hotel Sustainability Requirements’ complying to Dubai Tourism’s sustainability efforts”