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‘Real Housewives Of Dubai’ Star Nina Ali Is A Texan & She’s Austin’s Biggest Fan

Texans are pretty prideful. We love any chance we can get to show our love and talk about the Lone Star State.

That’s definitely true for new reality TV star, Nina Ali, an Austinite who now lives thousands of miles away in the United Arab Emirates, showing off her family’s lavish lifestyle on Bravo’s TheReal Housewives of Dubai.

You know what they say, “you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl”… or stop her from mentioning her hometown any chance she gets.

I grew up in Austin, Texas like ‘hippie town’ so I’m a spiritual hippie,” she said in the premiere episode series as they showed her lifting an amethyst crystal to the moon.

When she has time between being a wife and mother and running her Fruit Cake empire, she takes her family to visit the U.S. and see the capital of Texas, where she grew up since she was four.

After first enjoying her Mom’s home cooking when she visits, she’s always sure to visit and tag her Instagram posts at local spots like the gorgeous Arboretum shopping market, and other ATX locales.

She, of course, took her son to an Austin FC game last summer for a fun day the watching the new soccer team.

Once you leave Texas, it can be pretty hard to forget about the bountiful, peaceful scenery and painted skies you have to leave behind.

“The sound of nature every morning–this is what I miss in Dubai,” Ali said in an IG story video showing her parent’s Austin backyard in 2020.

For her, Texas is a tranquil hideaway from her busy life. After all, Ali calls Austin “home sweet home” any time she posts about it.