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Plastic Bank with evo –

Sam Robinson

evo is joining forces with Plastic Bank to help stop plastic from entering the ocean while improving the lives of the people who collect it.

Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans, equating to 1 garbage truck every minute. Plastic Bank is helping to tackle this issue by supporting ethical recycling ecosystems in underdeveloped communities to fight plastic pollution and poverty.

The Idea
Born in 2013 from an idea to turn plastic into worth, plastic bank is a social enterprise that is helping stop plastic from entering our oceans by empowering collection community members to collect plastic waste and exchange it at collection branches for secure income and life-improving benefits such as work and health insurance, school supplies, meal vouchers and more. The collected plastic is then processed to be re-used in new packaging and products.

Offsetting Emissions
From the very beginning, evo has donated stock to homeless shelters and continually supported people-first causes. The planet remains top of mind through every decision made, with a vegan and PETA accredited cruelty-free product offering, green pe and post-consumer recycled packaging, fsc certified paper and materials and by purchasing certified carbon credits enabling them to offset emissions.

evo plastic bank -

People First. Planet First. 
While evo has long been committed to people first and planet-first initiatives separately, Plastic Bank is an organisation equally dedicated to both.

“We believe sustainability is a journey of progress, not a path of perfection and we’re committed to continuously learning, improving and evolving to do better for people and the planet. Partnering with Plastic Bank to help stop plastic from entering the ocean while also improving the lives of people in developing countries at the same time is truly a dream come true,”-  Nina Junin, evo’s Head of Brand.

Plastic Bank
For every evo retail bottle sold, Plastic Bank collection members will collect the same amount of plastic from the environment in places such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Egypt or Brazil. Not only will evo be able to offset plastic production, they will be able to track every plastic exchange through the plasticbank® app and share their impact with their community.

evo products - The Initiative
Currently, plastic bank’s Ocean Stewards have stopped over 84 million kg of plastic from entering the ocean. if you would like to support their collections and become an ocean steward,
Visit… together, we can make a difference.

evo saving ordinary humans from themselves™