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Owambe, Dubai Trip, And A Missing Diamond Bracelet on RHOLagos Episode 9

The 9th episode of the Showmax hit series, The Real Housewives of Lagos, served us good Lagos ‘faaji’ and party vibes.  From Iyabo’s daughter, Priscillia’s 21st birthday party to Toyin’s 40th birthday party, this episode was full of the ‘owambe’ energy and a few awkward moments. It was an excellent balance to the chaos from the last episode.

The episode started with Chioma, Toyin, and Mariam meeting up for a sip and paint session. However, Chioma surprised everyone by arriving first. RHOLagos fans will know why that’s a big deal because Chioma has a track record of always arriving pretty late. The sip and paint exercise went well amidst some banter between Toyin and Chioma. Toyin claimed that Chioma makes an effort to outshine her, and she can’t be outshone as she is the “King of Fashion”.


It was Priscilla’s 21st birthday in the next scene, and the party was giving everything it should. The ambiance was great, the guests were beautifully dressed, and the birthday girl looked terrific. All the ladies were present at the event, and all looked astonishing. Laura arrived at the party, and it was apparent she felt uncomfortable as she moved between tables until she eventually left some minutes after, claiming her husband was waiting for her downstairs.

The party energy continued with Toyin’s cultural-themed party, which was all about heritage. She dressed in honour of her late grandmother, the late regent of Ikole Ekiti. All the ladies arrived looking glammed up and elegant in their various traditional attires. To take her birthday celebration a notch higher and seal her spot as the queen of hosting, she announced to the ladies that she’d be taking them on a trip to Dubai, which got everyone excited.

The trip to Dubai started well, and the ladies were all pumped up, except for Carolyna, who was sad because she had lost the bracelet given to her by her boyfriend as a Valentine’s day gift. She mentioned the bracelet costs $43,000. Iyabo asked her if the bracelet was given to her by her ex-man or her current boyfriend.

The short clip from the next episode showed Laura trying to make peace with the ladies, to curb all the negative energy toward her. We cannot wait to see how the ladies will respond.

Catch the next episode when it drops on Friday, exclusively on Showmax. For more information about The Real Housewives of Lagos and how you can watch the show, follow Showmax on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow the conversation with the hashtag #RHOLagos or visit for more information.  

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