Working mothers with the Sharjah Government to benefit from work from home


With the number of vaccinations on the increase in the Emirates, working professionals have been heading to their office desks. However, female employees with children are finding it challenging to manage all at once.

Thus, bringing relief to such working mothers, the Directorate of Human Resources — Sharjah Government has issued a circular for the work from home policy in order to attend to children who are undertaking distance learning.

Issuing the directive on Thursday, the officials said that the rule applies to women whose children are in Grade 6 or below and children who are from People of Determination or suffering from chronic diseases, can avail the remote working facility.

The decision was made to help working mothers who need to be present while their young children stay home and attend online classes.

The move was also made due to the decision of remote learning in several schools during the second semester, which was implemented from January 3.

Sharjah Human Resources department in a statement announced the flexibility for employees whose children need supervision with online classes.

“Authority in the government body can allow remote work for employees with special cases who do not have anyone to follow up on the study of their children during distance education”, it said.

The officials also informed that local departments might authorise male employees to work remotely if they have no one to care for and follow-up children only during an official remote learning schedule.

Cover Image: Shutterstock