Women in the sporting world of Dubai clubs honoured by Dubai Sports Council


Women are taking a step ahead in every sphere in today’s world. They are no longer restricted to menial jobs. Sports is one such arena where women are soaring high and to honour these women, the Women’s Sports Committee of Dubai Sports Council organised a forum to celebrate the achievements of female athletes from Dubai clubs and their women’s teams.

Concluding the 2020-21 sports season, the forum was held at Dubai Sports Council earlier this week and was graced by the presence of Rowdah Al Mehrizi, Chairperson of Women’s Sports Committee, and Fouzeya Faridoon, Manager of Dubai Sports Council’s Women’s Sports Development section, and the supervisors and administrators of teams and players from Al Wasl, Al Nasr and Shabab Al Ahli Dubai clubs.

Encouraging the women athletes at the forum, Rowdah Al Mehrizi at the event said, “We meet today to celebrate, like every year, the continuous success of our outstanding athletes and their efforts over the course of a whole sporting season, which deserve praise. Thanks to the guidance of our wise leadership and their unlimited support, women’s sport have achieved a lot of success. Our female athletes have been able to reap the fruits of this support by finishing on the podium in different sports and events, and Dubai Sports Council is pleased to celebrate their achievements and thanks to them for their outstanding efforts throughout the season, and also salutes them for their determination to win and succeed.”

“We are honoured to have these heroines with us, and the Women’s Sports Committee congratulates them on their outstanding results during the past season. Their success is our success, and their achievement is an achievement for every Emirati woman and the whole country. So, we congratulate them, and we wish them continuous success,” Rowdah Al Mehrizi further added.

The forum saw supervisors of teams from each club talk about their most important milestones, their training methods and schedule. They shared their strategies and the challenges they faced in their games, as well as their plans and goals.

Volleyball star from Al Wasl club –Nadia Khadim who retired from playing and turned to coaching now, also spoke at the forum. She shared her experience as a player and the hard work and efforts that paved the way for her success.

With many discussions on sports and the future of it, the Women’s Sports Committee honoured athletes for their achievements in the season, and also honoured Khadim for her decorated career as a player.

Image: Dubai Media Office | Twitter