Sunday, July 25, 2021

Without a place or service staff.. the story of the first cloud kitchen in Egypt

Ahmed Atef (Cairo)

Egypt is preparing to launch its first cloud kitchen, which is known to have no location, place or service staff, but it is virtual on the Internet, home delivery and electronic purchase, and qualified to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The concept allows a group of different restaurants and brands to serve their meals through a single, shared kitchen that relies on technology in the systems used to order, store and track ingredients and meals.

Next September, Food International will launch the first cloud kitchen in Egypt that includes brands of existing restaurants wishing to expand geographically and new modern and virtual brands. The company will provide distinct and fully equipped locations to accommodate restaurants at a reasonable rent.

Vodination qualified to obtain a world record from the Guinness Book of Records, as when building the company’s site in the Fifth Settlement area (north of Cairo), the company set its sights on preparing to obtain a world record, which puts the Egyptian company in a leading position in developing The restaurant industry globally.

The company currently has locations in Egypt and Dubai and says it has expansion plans in Saudi Arabia, London and New York, which represents an opportunity for rapid investment for entrepreneurs in Egypt and the Arab world, which in turn also provides many job opportunities for young people.

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