With the participation of 40 Syrian companies … Launch of the exhibition (Gulfood Dubai 2021)



With the participation of about 40 Syrian food companies, the activities of the Gulf International Food Industries Exhibition (Gulfood Dubai 2021) were launched today in Dubai, in which about 2,500 international companies specializing in the food sector from different countries of the world are participating.

The exhibition, which will last until the 25th of this month, will be attended by businessmen from different countries of the world and chief marketing executives of large international institutions through in-depth analyzes and opinions on the new features of the food sector around the world.

Thaer Al-Fayyad, Director General of the Local Production and Export Support and Development Authority, stated in a statement to the representative of SANA that the authority is supervising the organization of the Syrian Arab Republic’s pavilion in the exhibition, which is the second most important and largest international exhibition for food industries in the world, pointing out that the pavilion includes about twenty specialized and pioneering food companies in the fields of Manufacture, production and marketing of fats and oils, including Syrian olive oil, spices, preserves, hot and cold drinks, baked goods, sweets, chocolate, candies and other Syrian food products intended for export.

In turn, a member of the Board of Directors of the Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside, Talal Qala Jai, explained in a similar statement that the chamber organized the participation of Syrian companies in the Syrian pavilion in the exhibition, which for these companies constituted an important opportunity to market Syrian food products and sign export contracts, which would contribute to increasing the production capacities of industrial companies and operating Many sectors provide more jobs and move markets.

Qala Ji pointed to the participation of about twenty other Syrian food industrial companies outside the Syrian pavilion and in the international and specialized pavilions, which contributes to increasing the presence of Syrian food products in this exhibition and enhances the opportunities for marketing these products in international markets and creates partnerships through businessmen and visitors to the exhibition, whose number reaches annually. To about 100 thousand visitors.

The exhibition aims to display and market high-quality food products, highlight new innovations in the market, and seize the rapid shifts in consumer behavior patterns.

Ahmed Souliman