When Cristiano Ronaldo lights up the Burj Khalifa with images of his girlfriend / International / SOFOOT.com


Georgina Rodríguez, the companion of this romantic Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrated her 28th birthday on Thursday. For the occasion, the top scorer in the history of football gave him a colorful gift. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world located in Dubai, was illuminated by extracts from Georgina’s Netflix series.

The screening of this excerpt also acts as an advertisement for Georgina’s documentary series which deals with her meeting and her life with the Mancunian number seven. Cristiano and Georgina have now been together for over five years and have a daughter in common. It’s not just Dubai that saw the gift offered by CR7 to his beloved. The whole world was able to admire it, because Cristiano Ronaldo posted a video on his Instagram account. The little message from CR7 on Instagram to accompany his video: “Congratulations my love. »

Words that Anthony Martial would also have liked to hear when he left Manchester for Sevilla earlier this week.