Friday, June 25, 2021

What will France present at the Dubai World Expo?

France presented this Monday its pavilion for the Dubai World Expo, which will be held next fall.

Encyclopedia, immersive exhibitions, etc …: the country wants to present its past and highlight its future on the occasion of this international event, as explained on Europe 1 by the commissioner general of the French pavilion. 


A virtual immersion in Notre-Dame de Paris, Diderot’s encyclopedia, a ship-museum or an airship of the future, a virtual exhibition under the ice floe … Transport, architecture, the arts, or even ecology will coexist in the fall at the French pavilion of the Dubai World Expo.

The outline of the flag was presented Monday by videoconference by Erik Linquier, its general commissioner, who delivered several details Monday evening in the eco interview on Europe 1. 

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A pavilion reflecting the history of France

Under the name, “Light, lights”, heritage, art and technological innovation will articulate their facets in an “eco-responsible” pavilion 55 meters wide, 20 meters high and 63 meters deep.

“We are going to play on both terms. Lights are for history, it is the sky. It is also the Age of Enlightenment. Light itself embodies in a very symbolic way the progress that is before us. “, explains Erik Linquier, France’s curator for the Dubai World Fair. 

The exhibition, postponed last year due to Covid-19, is scheduled from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, with the participation of 190 countries.

Its theme is the smart and sustainable city with the slogan “Connect minds, build the future”. 

Five immersive exhibitions in the pavilion 

Symbolizing the conjunction of the “lights” of the present and the past, the 2,500 m² of photovoltaic tiles in the French pavilion will house an original edition of the 35 volumes of Diderot and d’Alembert’s Encyclopedia, on loan from the National Archives.

“The idea is to tell yourself that we are presenting you a historical document but we will also talk to you about what is happening today in France and in the world, on the same subjects as there. two and a half centuries, ”adds Eric Linquier. 

Temporary immersion exhibitions will be dedicated to five artistic areas of expertise: digital art, on Notre-Dame, tableware, kinetic art, architecture and fashion (the fifty years of creation by Jean Paul Gaultier) . As always, this meeting is an opportunity for large companies, from Renault to EDF, and for start-ups, to present their technological projects for the future. Thus, the model of a museum ship will be on display, as well as an airship for air cargo transport, an “eco-compatible” solution of the future imagined by the start-up Flying Whales.

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