Want to buy a property in Dubai? Here are some things to know!


Dubai is a city that has many residential areas ranging from the most luxurious to the least luxurious and in them many urban projects. The price of housing in Dubai and other properties vary according to the area where they are located and their characteristics.

If you’re looking for a property for sale in Dubai, it is good to receive specialist advice in order to get the desired property at the best market price.

Housing prices in Dubai and its characteristics

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, filled with huge skyscrapers, shopping malls, and a wide variety of urban projects. It is currently considered one of the most luxurious cities in the world. This city has all the services at luxurious levels and a pleasant climate, as well as ideal places to go shopping.

There are luxury properties at your disposal with all the comforts, modern facilities full of comfort and with excellent panoramic views at a great price. To reside in Dubai, there is a large list of properties in the best areas of the city, among which are the following:

– La Marina or Downtown you will be able to find real estate both for housing and to install your business of great luxury.

– Al Barari is an exclusive community where you will find very luxurious homes with beautiful gardens.

– Palm Islands, is an original project formed by a group of three artificial archipelagos, with large buildings and luxury hotels.

The properties that are for sale in Dubai, can be bought by natural or legal persons from anywhere in the world, all they need is your passport. The prices of real estate in Dubai are set according to the area where they are located and the characteristics of the property.

How to acquire a property in Dubai

If you have thought about establishing yourself in Dubai, you should know the regulations that the Government has established to buy properties and our specialists can advise you. Here is a list of the conditions established to acquire a property:

Ownership of a leased property

This means that you will have the property for rent for a certain time, this establishes a contract. The contract, especially for apartments for sale in Dubai, can be for a maximum of 99 years or the time established by the parties by mutual agreement, as well as being renewed.

Absolute ownership

With this figure you have all the rights to the property, which allows you to make the changes you want. You can also sell or rent it if you consider it necessary. You also have the possibility to buy portions of land with the same conditions of Absolute Ownership or Lease.

The Government of Dubai offers foreigners good options for the purchase of a property, including improving the residence visa. It also offers a series of incentives in order to encourage people to buy their property in Dubai.

In Dubai there is the property that adapts to your needs, you can choose between; luxury villas, elegant hotels or shopping centers. You always get these with the best market price and with the conditions established by the Government.

Property prices in Dubai

Real estate prices in Dubai are set taking into account a wide variety of factors, among them are: the size of the property, the location or the type of land. To set the price of housing in Dubai or any other property, accessibility of the coastline, the number of floors of the building, the view from the window, the surface of the house are taken into account.

The price of real estate in Dubai is made up of the initial cost of the property, which is set by the builder in the gross works. Then there is a premium that is made up of the current market value plus the initial cost, to this is added the registration fee.

Due to current market conditions, prices have fallen and it is a good time to get a property at a low price and make a good investment. Currently, there is a wide range of properties with excellent conditions and at an unbeatable price, for example Joya Blanca Residences at Arjan.

Are you now ready to buy?