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Visitor questions.. What are the best places for camping and hiking in Dubai?

1- Camping near Al Qudra Lakes

Experience the fun of camping in Al Qudra Lakes, and visit the “Al Marmoum” desert reserve to enjoy the beautiful nature and wildlife.

The reserve includes more than 200 species of birds, and is one of the most beautiful places for camping in Dubai. It also includes guiding signs that help you plan your trip.

You can cycle on the Al Qudra Cycling Trail, which extends over a distance of 86 km and 50 km.

2- Hiking trails in Hatta

Get away from the city, and enjoy the mountainous area of ​​Hatta, where you can hike, camp and engage in many activities and adventures.

Located in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, 130 kilometers from Dubai, Hatta offers great views and is an ideal camping site.

There are also 32.6 km of hiking trails that amateurs and professionals can use free of charge all year round.

The trails start from Hatta Wadi Hub, and cover many valleys and rocky peaks.

3- A mountain experience at “Hatta Sedr Trailers”

If you are looking for a luxury camping experience in Hatta, book your luxury tent at the Hatta Sedr Trailers.

These high-end carriages offer wonderful mountain views and all the necessary amenities. Each trailer includes several plush sofas and chairs, as well as a kitchenette, private bathrooms, air-conditioning and TV.

Hatta Wadi Hub is close to this place, where you can enjoy a range of activities, such as mountain biking, and other activities.

4- Camping in the Dubai Desert Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is located 45 kilometers southeast of Dubai, where adventures on the sand dunes await.

It offers the experience of camel riding, eating delicious meals, and gazing at the twinkling stars.

Visitors should book a tour with one of the approved tour providers in advance for camping.

These organized tours provide comfortable tents and delicious meals for lovers of camping in the desert amidst the wilderness.

5- The sand dunes of the Lehbab desert

The Lehbab Desert is distinguished by its stunning red sands, and is an ideal place for stargazing.

Camping enthusiasts visit this wonderful destination, which is full of rocks and sand dunes, such as Pink Rock, or the Big Red Dunes area located at an altitude of 300 feet, which offers many activities for adventure lovers, such as quad biking or sandboarding.

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