Veganuary: UAE’s Healthy Go-To Restaurant, Krave, Announces Their Top


3 “Most-Kraved” Vegan Menu Items in Celebration of Veganuary 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In celebration of Veganuary, Krave, the city’s favourite destination for healthy food, has announced their top three “most-kraved” vegan menu items that are on offer and available across their four branches in Dubai. 

Veganuary is the month known for promoting a plant-based diet, and has continued to gain further momentum and evolve into an annual movement across the globe. In line with the plant-based campaign, Krave restaurant has announced their top three vegan menu items set to satisfy sweet-tooth cravings, while offering natural, plant-based nutrition. The restaurant’s round up of favorites can be enjoyed over breakfast, lunch or dinner, and are available via delivery and in-store. 

  1. Acai Bowl

Boost your morning with Krave’s Acai Bowl, a perfectly portioned bowl of fresh morning goodness filled with an array of mixed berries and crunchy, natural, granola. The bowl is the ultimate kick start to fuel a powerful day, and is the ideal on-the-go meal that can be enjoyed early morning or if you’d prefer, later, during brunch. Acai Berries are packed with antioxidants, full of flavour, and offer numerous health benefits, from improving cholesterol levels to boosting brain function, which is why the Acai Bowl is already an ideal favorite and menu must-have! Priced at AED 48

  1. KraVegan Curry

If you’re enjoying the recent wintery weather, and comfort food is your thing, then Krave’s vegan curry is a “must-try”.The delicious warm meal offers a natural blend full of plant-based nutritious vegetables and popular favorites, such as cauliflower, carrots, green peas, and potatoes, together paired with fluffy, warm white or brown rice. The vegan favorite is high in nutrition, and offers an array of vitamins, antioxidants, and immune boosting ingredients. For AED 54, the vegan curry has become a menu icon and recurring order during the winter season. 

  1. Skinny Date Brownie

Kraving something sweet? Krave’s Skinny Date brownie is the perfectly sized, go-to option! This sweet treat is made with real, healthy ingredients including traditional, fresh dates. Not only will this curb your cravings, but these brownies are packed with several vitamins and minerals, and fiber and antioxidants. Add these brownies to each meal for a sweet price of AED 14.

Vegans may also enjoy Krave’s additional plant-based menu items, including hearty soups and refreshing fruit bowls, tasteful Beyond-Meat burgers, and classic Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches paired with a selection of fresh fruit juices. Their vegan menu is a true testimony to the restaurant’s aim to cater for each individual, while continuing to provide nutritious meals, without compromising on taste, or quality. 

The restaurant has welcomed the ongoing response to their menu and offerings, and recently launched their largest venue to-date, located within the Dubai Mall.