Unthinkably large bubbles mesmerise at Expo 2020 Dubai


DUBAI, 2 January 2022 – Visitors to Expo 2020’s Spain Pavilion were treated to a feast for the eyes on Sunday, as impossibly large, balloon-like bubbles were blown across the stage.

They were all part of a show aptly called, ‘The Impossible Bubble’, in which ephemeral artist David Vega, along with his assistant Carmen García, created the big blobs, sometimes forming long chains of bubbles that were waved around in hypnotic, magical displays.

Vega is the Guinness Record holder for the longest chain of bubbles in the world, and has entertained audiences for more than 15 years with his mesmerising and unthinkable bubble figures.

Visitors can catch ‘The Impossible Bubble’ at the Spain Pavilion until 5 January, at 1730 and 1830 GST each day.