United Arab Emirates: Telecom operator du partners with ATEME


Across the two projects, du is adopting several of ATEME’s innovative solutions and services. For its OTT platform, du will offer an excellent streaming experience with unmatched video quality for its home service customers, so they can enjoy their favorite movies and shows wherever they are. To ensure this, du has chosen to implement ATEME’s geo-redundant TITAN Live encoder for 610 channels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as ATEME’s TITAN File transcoder for offline encoding.

du’s DTH solution ensures high availability and reliability to all Samacom Teleport business customers. ATEME has delivered a TITAN headend based on ATEME’s TITAN Edge IRD, Titan Live encoder and Statmux, which will provide du’s DTH platform 28 bouquets based on 220 main channels and 220 backup channels to better serve its IPTV platform and affiliates. The completely software-oriented structure of these projects will allow du to seamlessly transition to cloud-based models in the future.

With a strong focus on innovation and standardization, ATEME ensures its solutions enable customers such as du to achieve high video quality at low latency. By providing du with a bundled offering, ATEME enables du to benefit from significant cost savings on the TCO, while its innovative business model provides flexible expansion to ensure du is able to meet increased demand in the future. ATEME’s strong R&D support also enables a futuristic roadmap and an alignment of features to meet its customers’ future needs.