Unified platform integrates all hospitals across Abu Dhabi for seamless data sharing


Health tech has played a major role in helping the Emirates overcome the pandemic successfully, thanks to online apps and monitoring systems which made it possible to track infections as well as progress. The availability of accurate information was crucial for framing policies and allocating resources, in order to efficiently ward off any possibility of an outbreak, at a time when most parts of the world were struck by chaos.

The success of medtech gadgets as well as connected care has opened doors to smart innovation including the trials for an intelligent ambulance, which shares patient data while it’s on the move. As information on an individual’s health as well as medical history takes centre stage, Abu Dhabi has moved ahead in the direction of creating a one stop shop for all hospitals in the city, to share and receive data for effective healthcare.

Set up by bringing all 59 hospitals in the Emirati capital on board, the platform is a hub for digital medical records, which can help doctors as well as the staff in making data-driven decisions. In addition to that, 1100 clinics which make up 92% of the city’s clinics, are also part of the network which has been brought together to enhance the quality of care for residents of the UAE.

Almost 40,000 doctors and medical staff members will be able to tap into medical data almost immediately, instead of spending time and effort for transfer of info. Updates on hospital visits, other conditions, lab results, allergies and radiology as well as vaccination records, will be stored on the unified database.

The availability of all this info on a singke platform also removes the requirement for tests at every other facility, since previous outcomes provide required insights.

Use of digitised medical records has also facilitated the verification of covid status at Dubai’s airport, and data sharing has enabled doctors to collaborate across borders.

Image: Shutterstock