UAE weather: speed restrictions in place as fog shrouds Abu Dhabi and Dubai


Speed limits were reduced for a second day as fog returned to parts of the country.

The bad weather affected a large swathe of Abu Dhabi, stretching from the east coast to the border with Saudi Arabia, as well as Dubai and Umm Al Quwain.

Drivers were warned not to exceed 80kph on several major roads as visibility dropped below 1,000m.

The fog is expected to lift by 9am, leaving a fair to partly cloudy day.

It will be hot during the daytime, with temperatures reaching up to 39°C inland and 36°C on the coast.

Winds will be light to moderate.

The sea will be slight in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

Humidity will rise overnight, raising the risk of fog or mist forming on Friday and again on Saturday morning.

The weekend will be hot and sunny, with mainly clear skies. Low clouds could form in the east.

Temperatures will reach 33°C on Friday in Abu Dhabi, rising sharply to 39°C on Saturday.

Al Ain should see highs of 36°C on Friday, climbing to 38°C on Saturday.

The weather will be cooler in Dubai, at 33°C on Friday, reaching 37°C on Saturday.

Fog in the UAE:


Updated: April 8, 2021 07:51 AM