UAE Vaccine developed by a Chinese pharmaceutical company for mass production in Japan


UAE = United Arab Emirates, which is promoting the vaccination of the new coronavirus at the fastest pace in the world, has decided to mass-produce the vaccine developed by the Chinese pharmaceutical company in the country.

On the 28th, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is visiting the Middle East, and agreed to further cooperate in combating the infection of the new coronavirus.

According to the UAE government, both governments have confirmed that the vaccine developed by China’s state-owned pharmaceutical company “Sinofarm” will be produced in the UAE.

The two governments have not disclosed the details of the production plan, but according to the UAE company involved in the production, it has already started producing vaccines under the joint venture established by this company and Shinofarm, and by the end of the year The company plans to start a new factory and produce 200 million times a year.

The UAE conducted clinical trials of China National Pharmaceutical’s vaccine last year, and since December last year when the authorities approved the vaccine, mass inoculations have been conducted mainly by major government-affiliated companies. We are inoculating at a fast pace.

The UAE is expected to strengthen its domestic vaccine supply with the cooperation of China, which is advancing its economic expansion into the Middle East and the Gulf, and to increase its presence by exporting it to other countries.