UAE poetry competition winners could have school fees halved


Winners of a UAE schools poetry competition could shave off 50 per cent of their school fees for the year.

Pupils across the Emirates are being encouraged to write and share their experiences of the UAE.

Children agedbetween 8 and 18 can submit original poems in English or Arabic.

The competition is being run by the International Schools Partnershipthat has four schools in the Emirates including the Aquila School and Aspen Heights British School.

Winners of the contest will be pupils at the partnership’s schools or will have the option to move to one of their institutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to use the scholarship.

“We recognise that poetry can play an important part in a developing a child’s language skills,” said Bharat Mansukhani, regional managing director at the International Schools Partnership.

“It encourages creative expression and offers a deeper understanding of sound, rhythm and the use of emotion in language.

“With the UAE marking 2021 as the ‘Year of 50’ we encourage pupils from all schools to share with us their poems about this country we all call home.

“Through this competition we hope to bring the entire community together in order to celebrate the UAE as our home.”

Pupils have until May 31 to submit their pieces of work.

Those who win the prizes are in line to save on thousands of dirhams in school fees for the year.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, fees at the Aquila School range from Dh36,000 for foundation stage one to Dh52,800 for year nine.

Eight pupils in the UAE could win scholarships, though this may vary depending on the number of applications.

“If we were to receive a ton of applications, we may consider having more scholarships but if we don’t receive as many, we reserve the right to make a decision there,” Mr Mansukhani said.

“The motive is to celebrate the UAE, and to promote literacy, reading and writing.

“The story applies to everyone and I hope the campaign will resonate with children across the UAE.”

He said their target was to raise awareness of the experiences of people from different backgrounds and hear stories from children across the country.

In the past, the school group had set up a writing campaign in which parents, pupils and teachers sent letters to their future selves.

Published: March 27, 2021 08:29 AM