UAE: ENOC Group opens two new fuel stations in Sharjah


The openings bring the total number of ENOC’s fuel stations to nine in the emirate of Sharjah, and 155 across the United Arab Emirates.

ENOC Group is expanding its retail footprint in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the launching of two new fuel stattions in the emirate of Sharjah. The openings bring the total number of ENOC’s fuel stations to nine in Sharjah and 155 across the UAE, according to a company press release.

Located in Al Rahmaniya residential area on the E611, both service stations are part of a larger plan to construct 12 new stations in Sharjah by the end of the year.

Spread over 5600sqm and 3911sqm respectively, both stations are equipped with one fuel canopy, six multimedia fuel dispensers and five fuel tanks with a capacity of 15,000 imperial gallons. The two stations have a new enhanced ZOOM store on site, offering more than 7,500 food and beverage options and Pronto for the daily needs of the customers.

Both stations are built with stage two vapour recovery systems to reduce emissions while the fuel is decanted into storage tanks and during refueling of vehicles. They have fully automated fuel systems with auto tank gauging as well as electronic leak detection system.

Various methods of payment including ENOCPay, ViP, and mobile payments are accepted. The recently launched ‘Yes’ rewards programme is also accepted at both stations.

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