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UAE business leaders commit to gender pa…

Celebrating the International Women’s Day, business leaders in the UAE have committed to further promoting gender parity at the work place. Praising the enabling growth environment of the nation and the leadership’s commitment to women empowerment, they said the UAE has set a benchmark in nurturing the skills of women and in inspiring them to play a strong role in nation-building.

“The UAE leadership’s focus on driving gender equality and providing opportunities for women at both ministerial and board positions highlights the long-term outlook of the UAE to empower women in leadership roles,” said Abeer Alshaali, Deputy Managing Director of Gulf Craft. “The heritage of our nation is rooted in strong women, whether along the coast where men would be out at sea for months at a time or on land in the harsh desert climate. The current focus on women participating across all levels in the private and public sector is a natural continuation of the role they have always played. The many women who served as frontline workers during the pandemic is particularly noteworthy, making a key contribution to our nation’s continued recovery.

“It is encouraging to see the spotlight being shone on the challenges that women face daily in the workforce more than ever before. Personally, I aim to continue the dialogue at every opportunity. Along the path of increased communication, we will inevitably drive forward and empower women. By strengthening their participation across all sectors, including ones where they have not traditionally had much representation, we are sure to see a more equitable and sustainable society.” 

“With over 30 per cent of leadership roles in our Middle East office held by women, we at Roche Diagnostics Middle East are committed in doing our part to continue building a growing community of men and women committed to taking action against gender bias and towards greater inclusion,” said Harald Wolf, General Manager, Roche Diagnostics Middle East FZCO. “As we reflect on the global efforts made towards accelerating the timeline on gender equality, it is important to realize that everyone benefits from a more gender-equal world, and that women’s empowerment ultimately boosts economic productivity, growth, diversification, and social development. Men also have a fundamental role to play on the journey towards egalitarianism and gender parity, and we encourage them to pledge their commitment to supporting women to reach their full potential, now and for generations to come.”

Dr. Dalya al Muthanna, President, UAE and Global Chief of Strategy & Operations, GE International Markets said “The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, ‘Choose to Challenge’ reflects the UAE’s approach to empowering women: Inspiring them to challenge themselves and prove their mettle with the support of the nation’s enabling environment. The accomplishments of women in the UAE in all walks of life – from space research to working on the frontlines of the fight against COVID – demonstrate the significant strides the nation has made in achieving gender parity. Of course, there are gaps to be addressed, such as the need to promote STEM education among girls and upskilling women in the workforce on advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning. Our task, as we prepare for the Centennial 2071, is continue to provide women with role models who can inspire upcoming generations of women to realize their true potential. From my own experience at GE, I can say with confidence that the opportunities before women to progress and excel in the UAE are tremendous. The commitment of our leadership is the driving force we will all follow as we strive for an ever more empowered society.”

Hala Khayat, Regional Director Art Dubai

Benedetta Ghione – Executive Director

Carine Mouchantaf Neill

Abeer Alshaali

Hanadi Khalife, Senior Director Middle East and India operations at IMA

Luanne Parker

Maysoun Ramadan

Olfat Berro

Yota Baron, Finance Director Ford Direct Markets

Samia Kanawati

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