Monday, August 2, 2021

UAE Ambassador welcomes Denmark’s participation in “Expo 2020 Dubai”

Copenhagen (Union)

The Copenhagen Post newspaper, in its diplomatic annex, conducted an interview with Fatima Khamis Al Mazrouei, UAE Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark, in which she welcomed Denmark’s official participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, which came as a result of the tireless and loyal work of the UAE Embassy in Copenhagen since its establishment in 2017. And its intensive meetings with senior officials of the Danish business sector to promote the exhibition and encourage official participation in it. She praised the continuous cooperation efforts with the Danish Business Pavilion, the Danish Embassy and the Consulate General in Dubai to overcome all challenges and achieve this participation despite the challenges of the global Corona pandemic.
The ambassador also emphasized her continuing role in promoting the global event, which she believes is a unique opportunity that Danish companies should not miss to showcase their innovations and promote their leadership in sustainable green transformation and innovative smart solutions. The Danish pavilion is expected to include, in addition to giant companies, more than 1,000 small-sized companies and average.
She urged everyone to attend and participate in the exhibition, which coincides with the country’s celebrations of the golden jubilee of its founding, after it was postponed due to the global Corona pandemic. The newspaper said that talking about the UAE’s leadership in empowering women cannot be avoided if the guest of the meeting was the first of the women’s diplomatic work, which opened the door to work in the diplomatic corps for Emirati women and the first female ambassador of the country to Denmark.
The newspaper added: As an essential part of her Emirati culture of empowerment and equal opportunities, Fatima Khamis Al Mazrouei continues as a source of inspiration and encouragement for today’s young women, and looks forward to receiving Matilda Rogert, the 15-year-old candidate for the embassy and winner of the “Ambassador for a Day” initiative in cooperation with the British Embassy. The ambassador concluded the meeting by announcing the country’s opening of the women’s pavilion at Expo 2020, confirming the fact that the prosperity of women means the prosperity of all humanity. She emphasized that this would not have been achieved in the UAE without its constitution, which guarantees equal rights between men and women, and the vision of the wise leadership that believes that empowering the nation is achieved by empowering its women.

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