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A salad of leaves, walnut, beetroot, goat’s cheese and orange (AED 87) was a lovely blend of texture, flavour and colour. Linguine with salty clams (AED 145) and a curl of meaty, succulent grilled octopus (AED 150) showed that the chefs at Twiggy have sourced seafood of excellent quality and are happy to cook it simply and let the food speak for itself.

To finish, the manager suggested the profiteroles. EDGAR’s eyes lit up at the thought of choux pastry, cream and chocolate but again, our dinner companion put her foot down and insisted on the lemon meringue tart (AED 105). It was so big it required a side table upon which the waiter cut it in two and slid the halves onto our plates. “We can’t eat all that,” we protested (gently) but the waiter grinned and gave us a wink that told us we should give it a try. After one mouthful of the crispy base, tart lemon filling and chewy meringue topping, we understood why he was right to encourage us – it was gone in a French flash.