Travelers Entering UAE Receive A Special ‘Martian Ink’ Stamp Upon Arrival


Image via TBWA/RAAD

A special surprise greeted all visitors who arrived at UAE airports.

On February 9, all travelers into the UAE received a Martian Ink stamp on their passports, in commemoration of the Hope Probe’s historic landing on Mars.

The stamp, made by the UAE Government Media Office and Dubai Airports, serves as a reminder of a new era for the Arabs in time and space. The stamp comes with a special message reading, “You’ve arrived in the Emirates. The Emirates is arriving at Mars on 09.02.2021.”

Image via TBWA/RAAD

The symbol, which is printed in red ink, shows the logo of Hope Probe orbiting the Red Planet and the emblem of the UAE’s principle that “Impossible is Possible.”

If you are wondering what Martian Ink is, is the ink made from the same rocks that make Mars the Red Planet. The ink is extracted from volcanic basalt rocks that give Mars its distinct rusty color.

The rocks are collected during a special mission to the UAE’s Fujairah Mountains and Sharjah’s Mleiha Desert.

Image via TBWA/RAAD

To make the stamp’s liquid ink, the rocks were first crushed into a paste and dried in the sun before mixing with adhesives to create three different colors that represent the Red Planet.

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[via LBB Online, cover image via TBWA/RAAD]