Travel the world in one place through Expo 2020 Dubai’s ‘Trail of Treasures’ journey


With over 192 countries under one roof at Expo 2020 Dubai, it is bound to feel like travelling the whole world without having to book multiple tickets. Rightly so, the Expo in Dubai is allowing its visitors to cross oceans and continents and discover an array of special global tourism destinations.

Through a self-guided journey, the Expo gathers these 192 countries in one place which will take visitors around the world, with the ‘Trail of Treasures’ journey.

With various stops, the journey aims to appeal to all kinds of travel enthusiasts, wherein they can explore mountains, city streets, coral reefs, rivers, and everything from the world of travel.

For instance, at the Switzerland Pavilion, visitors can ‘hike’ through the country’s fog-covered mountains and marvellous landscapes and explore its cultural values in a structure inspired by Bedouin tents.

Visitors can explore the unique natural wonders of the world, as well as drama, dance, song, traditional poetry, rituals and ceremonies at the Zambia Pavilion.

Inspired by the country’s famous mountain gorilla tours, nature lovers can find their heaven at the Uganda Pavilion that takes on the spirit of the forest. Visitors can embark on a trail that links different times, eras, and places.

All five senses are guaranteed to be put to good use at the Austria Pavilion, where the country’s technological, cultural and natural highlights are featured.

Where on one side the majesty of the Akhal-Teke horses will leave everyone in awe at the Turkmenistan Pavilion, the Mali Pavilion will present precious historic artefacts, old Malian folktales and digitised pages of handwritten manuscripts from Timbuktu, with Malian innovations also on display.

Evoking the beauty of the Amazon basin, the Brazil Pavilion engages visitors to take in the sights, sounds and scents of the South American country’s riverside areas.

Discover the Central American nation’s Pura Vida lifestyle at the Costa Rica Pavilion as well as its focus on eco-tourism – a topic that also takes centre stage at the Guinea Pavilion. Visitors are not only taught to see the nation as a source of water but also as an influence on West African history and culture.

These and many such pavilions take visitors on a series of travel at the Expo. Visitors can access the self-guided Trail of Treasures visitor journey through the Expo 2020 Dubai app, which features a journey for all interests, ranging from design and education to space and sustainability.

Cover Image: Shutterstock